do I have need for anything else?

Jealousy has always been a struggle of mine since I became a Christian (and obviously before I did too). I see it more and more in myself and its a sin I wish I didn’t struggle with. Not only does it rob you of your happiness in Christ, but it causes you to covet other people’s lives and look down upon the life God chose to give you. I have to continually keep a guard on my heart and test my motives if I want to remain pure in my love for others and not do things out of jealousy. So here are some thoughts on how to take those thoughts captive and change my thinking:

1. The only acceptable jealousy is God jealously desiring me. Now, why would God want me? Honestly, if you would be able to see my life, you would know that a Holy God would have every right to throw me aside and leave me abandoned. But our God is so much better than that. He not only doesn’t leave me, but He cares for me. He wants my heart and my obedience and He desires a closeness and intimacy with me. The Creator of ALL things and life loves me and desires me. Do I have need for anything else? For the affections of someone in this world? For clothes, popularity, friends, gadgets, money? Those things can all be counted as foolishness compared to knowing Jesus. I have need for nothing more because all I need is in Him.

2. Being upset with someone because they have more than me will get me nowhere. God chooses to bless each of us in different ways. If He chooses to give me a small house and someone else a big house, so be it. Getting upset with the person who has the big house does absolutely nothing that would be profitable. It would only cause dissension in the body of Christ or set a bad example to nonbelievers of what Christian love is supposed to look like. We should be choosing to live with a thankful heart that God has provided us, not only with food, clothing, and shelter, but also everything that we need for godliness. We can rest in the fact that God has given us all that we need and He gives us a relationship with Himself. Again, do I have need for anything else? No, I have need for nothing more because all I need is in Him.

3.God’s gift of His son is more precious than any earthly friendship. I’m mostly tempted to jealousy when I have a friend who is more liked or gets more attention than I do. I jealously want other people to think that I’m wonderful and focus on how “awesome” I am. WRONG ATTITUDE PEOPLE! Please don’t follow my poor example in this area. Follow Jesus’ example. “He was despised and forsaken of men, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief; and like one from whom men hide their face He was despised, and we did not esteem Him.” (Isaiah 53:3) “and while being reviled, He did not revile in return; while suffering, He uttered no threats, but kept entrusting Himself to Him who judges righteously” (1 Peter 2:23) Jesus, who is completely awesome and worthy of all attention, was despised and didn’t seek for everyone to look at Him and focus on how great He was. He was reviled and He suffered. He wasn’t focused on Himself. He desired to draw us to Himself through His death and resurrection.  I need to learn to fall more in love with Jesus and not be concerned with the world and whether it likes me or not. If no one else in the world wanted me, Jesus still would. And that should be enough. He can fill any void in yours and my life and can cause us to abound in joy. Do I have need for anything else? No, I have need for nothing more because all I need is in Him.

Praise God that through the victory of the cross I have freedom in Christ from the bondage of sin. Sin no longer has a grip on me. I am free to obey Christ and love Him whole heartedly. I pray that I would always choose to love the Lord with all my mind, strength, soul, and heart. I desire to walk in intimacy with Him. I pray you do too.

To all my already dedicated fans, I love you.



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