Santiago, Chile

The first letter has been sent!

imageHello again blogging world!

It certainly has been a while since I have shared my life on here, but I am excited to be back talking about my new adventure! As some of you know, I have been working with the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) pursuing an opportunity to serve in Santiago, Chile for a year. There has been a lot leading up to this and many details surrounding it. And now, that is mainly what my blog will be devoted to… sharing with you the ups and the downs and all the in-betweens of this journey. 🙂

My most recent update is that I finally sent out my first batch of letters detailing the ministry I will be serving with and the amount of money I will need to raise in order to get there. Whew! What an undertaking this was. I sent this letter to almost 200 people!

Being the perfectionist that I am, I wrote (and rewrote) my letter for many weeks. Finally, around 2 weeks ago, I finished it. *Cue blissful squeals* It was such a relief to have that part accomplished!

But… there was still an obstacle in my way. My family does not own a printer. And I had a lot of printing to do. My mom had been asking me to look into where I could get all my documents printed for a reasonable price. For some reason, I was so resistant to this! I just wanted to buy a printer and do it all ourselves. I was irritated to have to spend time researching companies to print for me.

But alas, I surrendered the fight (as I should have in the first place) and began looking into it. I was shocked at the high prices my printing would cost me! I didn’t expect to have to pay so much for it and I was feeling a combination of upset and discouraged.

That same night, I was sharing the details of my search with a friend. As I told her my woes, she offered to print all of my paperwork. I was thankful but explained that there was a lot of printing to do. 3 different documents, some double-sided, some in color… etc. I knew that would be a big undertaking and I didn’t want her to feel obligated. Despite this, she still said it would be her joy to do it for me and support me in this way. I was amazed!

Within the week that followed, her and her husband printed over 400 pages for me. I was SO SO blessed by their generosity with their time and money. It was encouraging and humbling to receive this help.


So that was cool story number one of God’s provision. Side note: The underlying part of this story that I find so neat is that I wouldn’t have had that conversation with my friend if I hadn’t submitted to my mom. If I had not spent the afternoon looking for printing companies, like my mom had asked me to, I wouldn’t necessarily have talked about my need for printing! God blessed my act of obedience (despite my far from perfect attitude).

The second blessing that God provided to me was a way to tri-fold and cut my documents (that didn’t take me multiple hours). My church had a tri-fold machine and a paper-cutter and they allowed me to take advantage of it! My letters were tri-folded in under 2 minutes and the slicing was pretty quick too. It was a blessing to be able to borrow those services! Shout out to my generous church.


And last but not least, the third blessing. As you see pictured above, my parents graciously helped me fold, stuff, stamp, and seal my envelopes! Although I should be the spring chicken, I was the slowest out of the 3 of us. Hah! They were on a mission and without their help, it would have taken me many more hours.

All in all, I have been beyond blessed with the help I received in this process. And I’m thrilled that this first task can be checked off this list. Here’s to the next steps… 🙂

To all my still dedicated fans, I love you. 😉


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