Santiago, Chile

How to Become a Financial Partner

If you are interested in joining my missions work in Chile, here’s how you can become a financial partner!

1. Go to
2. You will see the option to give one-time or give monthly. Click the option you prefer.
3. If you choose to give a one-time gift, enter either “Emily Kropidlowski” or my donor number “0192021” in the search box. After this, choose my account and the process will continue similarly to an online purchase.
4. If you choose to give monthly, click “Automatic Giving.”
5. Choose whether you are an individual, organization, or church and whether you will give from your bank account or by credit/debit.
6. As you fill out the next forms, take note that you can choose when you begin donating  (e.g.: July when I leave for the field, begin giving now, or anytime in between). My donor number is “0192021.” Follow the instructions to finish the transaction.

If you prefer not to use online giving, contact me and I’d love to explain how you can join my team via mail!

PLEASE NOTE: If you give by a credit or debit card, a 3% processing charge will be incurred on my missionary account. If you can give through your bank account, this would be most beneficial. If that is not an option, proceed with your card. 🙂 You will receive a receipt via email after your donation is received and processed. Any questions, please call a Donor Services Specialist at 800-901-2293.


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