Santiago, Chile

So far…

Well it’s officially been 26 days since I sent out my first letter! I have been amazed at the outpouring of love I have received in monetary and prayer support. Beyond sending out the letters, I haven’t had many opportunities to meet with people and do fundraising. And look how God has provided! Some cool stories:

  1. I have received $475 in anonymous support. If that was you… THANK YOU!
  2. A friend’s son (who does not have a job) gathered the money he had to donate to get me to Chile. He also asked his mom how they could adjust the number of times they eat out per week so that they could support me monthly. Isn’t that so sweet? I was so encouraged by his kindness. 🙂
  3. I led worship at Lake Lundgren Bible Camp for a group of crafting ladies this past weekend. I met a lady and talked with her for about 10 minutes and shared how I was going to South America. Later that day, she gave the director’s wife money to go towards supporting me! And I had only just met her! Seriously… how sweet.

All that to say, I am currently up to 9% of my necessary funds!!!! (EEK!) This isn’t even counting a number of people who said they would be supporting me and their paperwork hasn’t been processed and/or completed yet!9 percent pic

Oh man what a good God we have… Providing to show His faithfulness to my doubting and anxious heart. This process has been good for me. I am learning to trust Him more and run to Him. It will continue to require work, but in reality it’s God doing the work and me just being faithful. I know His plan will prevail!

A question I get asked a lot is, “What happens if you don’t get all your support in time?” The answer is that I won’t be able to leave in July for Chile (I know… sad, right?). If this was the case, it would be humbling. But I’m choosing to trust God’s control of the situation rather than be worried about what may or may not happen. If I am not fully funded, God is still in control, still loves me, and I’m still His. That’s all I need. But of course, I hope that I am fully funded. 😉

If you have supported me, please know that I am working to get around to properly thanking you! I have been amazed and blessed by your generosity.

To all my supporters (monetary or not), I love you. So excited to continue this journey!

P.S. Check out my post “How to Become a Financial Partner” if you want to financially invest in this ministry!


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