Santiago, Chile

Frequently Asked Questions…

Hola mis amigos!

(That means “hello my friends!”) There are so many neat things God has done in this process and I love sharing all of these stories with the blogging world! That’s why today I’m sharing some questions I frequently get asked as I pursue serving the Lord in Chile. So let’s dive in!

  1. Am I going to do missions for the rest of my life (or long-term)?
    Well, if I look back on how my life has flipped and turned and changed since graduating high school, all I know is that I have no idea how my life will turn out. I am not opposed to the idea of remaining in missions long-term, but I also have not done missions work outside of the U.S. I don’t have a good grasp of what it’s like. I believe that serving in Chile will give me a better idea of foreign missions and if it is something I want to pursue long-term.
  2. Am I excited/nervous/how do I feel?
    I feel everything haha. Although that is pretty normal for me. 😉 For the most part,  I am excited and every time I share my story with someone, I get more and more excited. There are a few things that I feel in particularly nervous about, like traveling alone and going through customs. But I am trying to prepare myself now for what that will be like and trust that God will be with me.
  3. How much Spanish do I know?
    I took a test and I am about 20% fluent! In middle and high school, I had 4 years total of Spanish classes and thankfully retained some of it. When I arrive in Chile, I will also receive 3 months of Spanish tutoring. Because of this and being immersed in the culture, I will become more fluent.
  4. Have I always been interested in missions?
    Sort of. I trusted in Jesus for my salvation when I was 12 (10 years ago this July… about the time that I will be heading to Chile!) and since around that time, I had an interest in ministry and loved the idea of missions. I even wrote a blog post on it called “Mini Missions Post” which you can read here. I reread it and laughed at my high school scatter brain. Please bear with me if you read it. Anyways, it became of greater interest to me when I went on my first missions trip to a Hispanic community in Oregon. And God has continued to keep that interest alive until the opportunity presented itself! Below is a picture of part of our group on my first missions trip back in the day (aka 2012).
  5. How do my parents feel about me leaving the country?
    Dad: He is supportive of anything I want to do. He of course is going to miss me and is a little concerned about my safety, but not overly worried. He knows I am in good hands there and knows I will make good choices.
    Mom: Last summer, when I was still unsure of what I wanted to pursue, my mom told me that I could go “anywhere in the U.S., but not leave the country.” Ironic, huh? God was preparing her heart before I even knew that I would be leaving the country. She has come around since then. She said I will be required to be in regular contact (hehe… she knows I struggle with this). Teary eyed, she told me the only thing that will get her through is trusting that God is in control of all things and He knows His plans for me. Remember everyone… it’s hard to let your only baby girl go. Overall, she is excited for my opportunity, but nervous that I won’t want to come back. 😉
    Please remember to keep my parents and family in prayer as this will be a test of faith for all of us!
  6. What if I don’t get all my needed funds in time?
    I am less than 2 months away and still in need of funds to get to Chile. I need to be at 100% before I get cleared to go. I am currently at 32%. In an ideal world, I would be fully funded about a month out so that I can buy my plane tickets. But we rarely live in an ideal world. So, ABWE will work with me until I am at 100%. If that is in August or September, I will go then instead. All in God’s perfect timing…
  7. Will I find my future husband in Chile?
    Hahahaha this is a hilarious question, but I do get asked! From what I’m told, Chileans love fair-skinned, light-colored-hair ladies. That’s me! So I will likely get marriage proposals and all that, but in the ministry I will be involved in, there is a one-year no dating policy. And I am only there for one year. So no… no husband for me. 😉 (there is the possibility of staying for a second year but we’ll cross that bridge if it gets built)

    Much love to all your wonderful people out there!


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